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2021 and beyond. Developing the New Identity.

by Maryam Al Sereidi

Many of us wondered what is really going on across the globe and I personally started questioning if this will be the worst nightmare ever!

Passing the shocking phase, surviving the lockdown, and adapting to the new living, I would say that we all should be grateful on how the last couple of months have reset all buttons and helped us to determine what's important in life.

That lead us to the new "Identity". What I mean by that in simple words "A Game Changer". This is the real change management practice in all means, way of working, way of learning, endorsing new technologies, extensive cost reduction, job loss, smart initiatives, health care priorities....etc.

For the first time, the entire world agrees that human wellbeing is more important than the world's economy.

We need to work on shaping and developing our new identity for a great year to come and a better world to live.

The great trends for next year will demonstrate to us the importance of the following:

  • Value for money and return on investments

  • People development and capability build

  • Information Security

  • Technology assessment, benchmarking, and new investments

  • Organizational structure & size

  • Autonomous vehicles

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